UK in the 70s · Boarding school

UK in the 70s is a group of photographs whilst living as a student in England; first in boarding school and later at an art school to pursue a UK photographer training. Getting sent to an English boarding school in  the seventies resulted from parent’s not dealing with their children’s education for a myriad of reasons.

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Lazing on a Sunday afternoon · escape · boarding school · UK 1970s & 80s · mp

Sunday afternoon was a time of escape, from routine, from uniform, a time of search for leisure, conviviality, experimentation. The window of opportunity was precisely timed, from 2 -6 pm GMT. Part of the work week was used deciding what to do on Sunday afternoons and  the logistics involved. We would find unusual places, walk the countryside and relax, enjoy that free time as best as we could. Here are some initial shots from Sunday afternoons. Sunday was a time deepening friendships and accomplice(ment). The colours are in Sunday noon colours ..

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Existential photography · rememoration · fragments · beware · mp

Existential photography · rememoration

Looking back at photos can have two sides, on one a rememoration of who was present / what was being done, and the possibility of re-rememorating in an effort to make sense, to build some sort of existential wholeness of ones life experience history, and this latter side, or path, seems so much more constructive and productive. The photograph tells you you where there, in or out of the scene – so at least some sort of complicity exists with what went on.

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