In  Arcades (Passagens, original tittle in pt) the temporal references are eliminated and the architecture is brought closer to its essence through the use of de-focus within the b&w tradition. This synthesis movement is the approach used for the Chiado zone, the “stage” where photographer Joshua Benoliel (1873-1932) photographs and constructs an extraordinary document about this area of Lisbon and its transition into modernity; pertinent questions are raised for the continuation of the Arcades project.

As the curator of the exhibition writes:

“[… ] The perception, interpretation and representation of the urban scape, by the early photographers of the XX century, such as Eugéne Atget ( 1857-1927 ) and Brassai ( 1899-1984 ), about Paris, or Joshua Benoliel ( 1873-1932 ), about Lisbon, contribute to the re-construction, in present times, of memories and early physicality, of architecture and urbanism, and of the immateriality of urban life. […] The experience of this place, in Joshua Benoliel’s point of view , demands, first, an immersion in his work, full of modernity and the contemporary, and second, a visitation to the dynamics of XX century Chiado urban life,  to comprehend its timeless genius loci, […]

The experience of place through photographing Chiado is proposed to participants of the Photography Workshop conducted by photographer Paulo Catrica, during April 2015. The workshop proposed a contemporary interpretation supported by Joshua Benoliel’s vision, to be curated into the current exhibition, of the resulting work.  […]”

Joseph Rodrigues in Chiado – o lugar urbano na contemporaneidade / (re)visitar a perspetiva de Joshua Benoliel, free translation of excepts in the catalogue, Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, 2015.

Group exhibition with works by Alexandre Inglez, Catarina Cabrita, Filipe Gomes, Joana Pimentel, Lizângela Torres, Miguel Ferreira, Miguel Lobo, and  Miguel Proença.

Prints: untitled, 2015,“Passagens”(Arcades) series, pigment on paper print, c. 100 x 67cm

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