Way home

…. has as its working hypothesis to establish a measuring system, a visual unit in landscape matters, a concept related to environmental landscape. The work takes place and continues during a time of a search,  of origins, of what is essential, tectonic. It is also a game, between photographic memory past and future.

The series’ first appearance proposes a search for the “unit” in landscape if it exists. A square meter rectangle (the frame)  of nature is photographed, with similar lighting. The initial resulting photographs are assembled into a  larger panel and printed. The individual photos are fragments with various ideas in mind; from soil, leaves, organic matter, living trees, greenhouse covers, decay, smell, to name but a few. Way home is a cartographic and ongoing process, a way, a path, searching for a fundamenta essence of what is tentatively named environmental landscape in photography.

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Terra Cinza

Terra Cinza (Ashen Land)  resulted from visits to the Caldeirão hill range in southern Portugal during devastating fires (2012). The results of these fires served as the motivation and the urgency of the work . The ancestral relationships and livelihoods of the local populations with their environment and ecology radically changes, radically disappears, in a matter of hours. The Ashen land scape and ecosystem that result from this “inferno” made clear the need to produce photographic work. Documentary work dominated by little or faded colour, by grey and black. This  charred ecology, this scorched earth, with its livelihood sustainability radically questioned, is dominated by brand new shining wind generators. A XXI century icon of technology over nature.

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In  Arcades (Passagens, original, pt) the temporal references are eliminated and the architecture is brought closer to its essence. A path trod with the use of de-focus within the b&w tradition. This synthesis movement is the approach used for the Chiado zone, the “stage”. The “stage” where photographer Joshua Benoliel (1873-1932) photographed and constructed an extraordinary document about Lisbon. A document also about change, about its – Chiado, Lisbon – transition into modernity. Here pertinent questions are raised for the continuation of the Arcades project.

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Photon corrosion

Photon corrosion is work that takes the photographic self portrait towards a recognition frontier. In Photon corrosion  the subject – the photographer – is rendered simplified, synthesised,  to a point nearing un-recognisability, or perhaps nearing a simplification that can only be virtual. The questions raised become particularly incisive when the spectator is informed that the proof of this corrosive lighting is established, is cased, is situated, within the boundaries of conventional portrait photography. Where are we? Approaching a dual nature, also of the photon , the elementary particle considered simultaneously a particle and a wave.

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In Form, formless, a work constructed in parallel with that of Bruno Lopes for an exhibition  (Forma, informe) at Arte Contempo, in Lisbon. The different and autonomous approaches – form and formless – were presented in the same time and space. If form serves as a basis for recognition and establishing a hierarchy in the visual world, the formless, as a process functions to subvert that exact organization.

The studio served as starting point for this disorganization process of the object, the human body. The human form, de-figured, un-rational, animal-like, horizontal, or, in brief, formless.

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Alqueva – changing scape

Alqueva – changing scape  (translation from the Portuguese tittle Alqueva – paisagem que muda, povo que espera) is long term documental project .This work accompanied the last years before the conclusion of the Alqueva Dam structure and its effects on the local landscape and people. These include the submersion and relocation of a local village and the cutting down of millions of trees in the process of clearing the dam reservoir basin.

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Sinigaglia Fair

The Fiera di Sinigaglia (Sinigaglia Fair) in Milan was the base for this work. This milanese flea market takes place every Saturday, and served as a vital exchange location during difficult times as was the case after the II World War. Today it is a cosmopolitan place where people meet and search for yesterday’s objects.

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