Skenographia 3d

The term “Skenographia” is based on an ancient painting practice. Ancient Greece presented us with the idea of sculpture as a possibility of representation, a representation that in its perfect state gains life, becomes human. The Greeks also developed a system of representation, of translation, from three dimensions to two, in scenery painting, designated “Skenographia”. Contasting to sculpture, Skenographia could at most aspire to be a copy, an illusion, a mimesis, without a possibility of humanity.
For this exhibition, proposed by António Guerra, a path of exploring the open and suggestive idea of illusion within conventional photographic practice. Going back to methods employed in the XIX century the possibility of photographing perfection – sculptures –  and re-presenting them in an illusory form, as stereoscopic pairs.

This work is in a certain way a development and continuation of work Cut, shuffle, deal produced for the installation“Emergir – identity specific”, Military Museum’s Plaster House, in Lisbon. If that situation called for following the photographic montage route [cut, shuffle, deal], the present work is strictly within conventional/analogue photography.

About the Group show/installation:
In Ludo, curated by António Guerra at the MiMo (Museum of the Moving Image), Leiria,
Nov. 9 – Dec. 28,  2013
Photography and sculpture by João Daniel, Jorge Ricardo, Miguel Proença and Isabel Garcia


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