Medusa – work in progress

Medusa – work in progress, is an ongoing piece originally based on a documentary photography tradition. The initial version of Medusa was publicly screened in September 2010 with the tittle Who’s a jellyfish in multimedia format. The piece participated in a London presentation of  the ASA Collective. In this initial version “Medusa – work in progress” was based on the concept of a Jellyfish/Medusa, that of following sea currents and only capable of nourishing itself from what is contacted during its meanderings/wanderings.

Thus “Medusa – work in progress” has gradually grown, evolved, into the present idea of a work in progress. It is therefore frequently re-visited, re-arranged, re-edited and updated. This frequency, this freedom, of change is rooted in the virtual nature of the work – i.e. a multimedia projection. This constant and gradual metamorphosis re-emerged in 2015 in the Citizenship Congress at the  Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, with the tittle Alforreca no Charco (“Jellyfish in the pool”) , where the following keywords where presented (translation follows):

al-hurraiqa (árabe), arte, caldo primordial, charco, estagnado, fotografia, gelatina, górgona, medusa, ondulação, petrificação, poça, quebra, superfície, tectónica, tensão, turbilhão.

al-hurraiqa (arab), art, primordial soup, pool, stagnated, photography, jelly, gorgon, medusa, ripples, waves, petrification, puddle, break, surface, tectonic, tension, vortex.

The screening also included work by Rogério Paulo Silva and Henrique Vieira Ribeiro. Presented here is a group of images that serve as base for the work/project Medusa. The  multimedia production of the work has had wonderful support from  Armando Ribeiro and The Chroniclers.

Links: Faculty of Fine Arts Lisbon.

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