Figo new generation


Figo new generation

A documentary work, Figo new generation is concerned with the changing scapes of labour in the south of Portugal, currently within the realm of small scale fruit farming. It is an open work, in the sense that many other changes are taking place in the agricultural workforce and farm-scapes in the South; from migrant workers to woofers from all over Europe, and these will be integrated as the photographic work progresses. The effects of legislation are also transforming the countryside and farming practises. The more recent work on the Terra Cinza series documents more recent trends in farming.  These include a move towards large scale green house farming enterprises.

Pressure from EU based legislation

As national EU based legislation trickles down to the farmer several effects are becoming apparent in census data. The legislation, aimed at promoting a more efficient and modernised agricultural sector, associated with escalating land costs due to tourism pressures is clearly placing an ever increasing number of small family farms “offside”, where survival is particularly difficult, a veritable uphill battle. Access to inputs (water, agro chemicals, markets) has also been highly regulated; access is dependent on size, location and certification processes.

This work started out as the re-connect series, in 2014.

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