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Miguel Proença (1963) is a Lisbon, Portugal born photographer. Currently based in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto and Tavira) where he works and studies. Personal work is frequently initiated from a documentary/ reportage standpoint and undergoes an “estrangement” process which frequently accesses formalist and surrealist aesthetics. Recent work has drawn on disciplines other than photography, including painting, sculpture, video, sound and music in a collaborative approach to the creative process. Commissioned work has specialized over the last decade on the reproduction of works of art, architecture and portrait for editorial and other purposes, in digital and analogical black and white large formats. Many samples of this commission work can be found in the National Library (Portugal) archives. 

Biographical note

The first conscientious contacts with photography dates to the 1970s in the UK, where he began practicing and studying photography, first at Clayesmore School (Dorset, UK) and subsequently on scholarship at the Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design (1979-80). Technical skills were furthered at the Instituto Português de Fotografia (1981-83). During the 1998-2001 period continuing studies included documentary photography with Leonardo Brogioni, and photographic language and theory with Emilio de Tullio and Roberto Signorini in Milan, at the John Kaverdash School and at the Círcolo Filológico Milanese. While in Milan work concentrated on street photography for the covers of Free Milano Magazine (2000-01). Other work during this time included Fiera de Sinegallia (1998-1999), Arts and Traps (1999-2000) and the beginning of Alqueva Dam work (2000-2004), with the latter two, more political statements, also published as photo books.

He is currently continuing a formal theoretical development route, started with the conclusion of a postgraduate degree in Photographic Studies (IADE, 2003-05), continued with a master’s degree in Art History at the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCHS) of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa [dissertation tittle: “Fernando Lemos: “Eu sou a fotografia”” (Fernando Lemos: “I am photography”) supervised by Joana Cunha Leal and Margarida Acciaiuoli], and currently working on a doctoral thesis at the Faculdade de Belas Artes (U. Lisboa, 2010–) about Photography as Device and the reproduction of works of art. 



About the site

This site is dedicated to personal work, from long term documentary and environmental portrait to more experimental author work in areas such as portrait, multimedia and reportage. It is dedicated to showing personal work in a portfolio format as a photographer, clearly different from printed versions of the work. Assuming this difference, the site now has a more streamlined interface with basic automation for slideshows on portfolio and other entries. Commission work is available upon request.

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