Photo work

untitled 2015, from the series "Terra Cinza" (Arrábida)

“Terra Cinza revisited” at Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, Setúbal (MAEDS)

“Terra cinza revisited” is also an update of “Terra Cinza” (Ashen Land),…

Photon corrosion

Photon corrosion

Photon Corrosion is work that takes the photographic self portrait towards a…

Figo - New generation

Figo – New generation

Figo – New generation. Started out as the re-connect series, in 2014.

Cut, shuffle and deal

Cut, shuffle, deal

Cut, shuffle, deal is the name of this work, part of Emergir –…


Medusa – work in progress

Medusa – work in progress, is an ongoing piece originally based on a…

Ashe Land

Ashen Land

Ashen Land (Terra Cinza)  resulted from visits to the Caldeirão hill range in…

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon – eyeyeye collective

Sunday Afternoon is the name of this piece as well as the tittle…


Alqueva – changing scape

Alqueva – changing scape  (translation from the Portuguese tittle Alqueva – paisagem…

Zagreb Graffiti Wall

Zagreb Graffiti Wall

Zagreb Graffiti Wall – more text soon concerning this graffiti.

White wall

White wall

White wall is a reflection on the concept of the white cube….

untittled, "Estranged Trees" series

Estranged trees · series

Estranged Trees is about creating (en)strange(d) images of trees, rendered strange, using…

Sinigaglia Fair

Sinigaglia Fair – Milano

The Fiera di Sinigaglia (Sinigaglia Fair) in Milan was the base for this work….