untitled, from Estranged Trees series, 2005-

Ruth’s Room


In Miguel Proença (1963) we may be projected in two worlds. One macrocosmic the other microcosmic. The decision will be ours. But the shadows will always be there and will accompany the virus or the planet
in Dora Iva Rita, 2015, “A Sala de Ruth versus História das Perseguições Políticas e Religiosas”

Ruth’s Room – installation curated and produced  by Ilídio Salteiro.

Ruth, of Dutch origin, a music teacher at the conservatory, lives in Tavira, and collects contemporary works of art from artists with whom she has contacted over the past 30 years. This installation, curated and produced by Ilídio Salteiro, takes place at the Casa das Artes during its 30th year, and presents Ruth’s Room and contemporary collection including works by:
Ana Hatherly, Bartolomeu Cid do Santos, Catarina Botelho, Costa Pinheiro, Fernanda Fragateiro, Isabel Sabino, Ivo, João Hogan, João Onofre, Jorge Martins, Jorge Pinheiro, Jorge Vieira, José Faria, Julião Sarmento, Júlio Pomar, Manuel Batista, Manuel João Vieira, Margarida Palma, João Vieira, Miguel Proença, Nuno Calvet, Paula Rego, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Pedro Calapez, Pedro Proença, René Bertholo, Samuel Rama, Susana Themlitz, Vespeira and Xana.

The work selected for Ruth’s Room is part of the Estranged Trees series, dated 2005.

At Casa das Artes de Tavira, from 11 June to 15 September, 2015.

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